Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is the perfect preparatory operation for achieving the best surface adhesion for your paint. Abrasive particles are fired under total visual control of your component in our blast room. The surface is gently etched, removing surface contaminants such as old paint, and rust or mill scale.

Different types of blast media can be used for different materials, enabling us to blast mild steel, stainless steel and wood.

Mild steel can then be primed and top coated or powder coated. Stainless steel is normally satin finished, removing surface imperfections and welding discolouration, eliminating the need for pickling.

Our shot blasting room measures 3m x 2.4m x 2.4m and we currently handle items up to 1000kgs.

For most applications we use a chilled iron grit, which gives a medium angular profile of 55-75 microns and removes oxides, rust and scale from steel and castings.

We can blast to –

  • SA2 (good commercial blast)
  • SA2.5 (near white metal, thorough blast clean)
  • SA3 (white metal)

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